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Music Maker Global

In partnership with Tiwale in Malawi, La Fabrique Arts Studio in Tunisia, and Experimental Sound Studio in the US, we invited 10 music makers to share their music, inspirations, and the rich personal and cultural threads woven into their music.

Across 10 inspiring episodes, we invite you to join us on a Collaborative Community Expedition through the vibrant tapestry of musical expression as artists explore and expand the universal language of music – inviting you to connect and grow with them. 

Podcast Series

#1 Neurosis

Delving into the Depths of Mind and Creativity

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of the Copenhagen-based electronic producer as she shares the technical aspects of her production method and offers behind-the-scenes insights into how she crafts her unique sound. 

#2 Complexities

The Power of Human Connections and Lyricism

Experience "Malawi's Next Superstar's" unique blend of indie-folk and contemporary Christian music as she reflects on the complexities of human connections and the inspiration behind her acclaimed song "Bad People."

#3 Vulnerability

A Journey Through Loss and Co-creation

Featuring the Tunisian singer and songwriter known for her unique voice, emotional depth, and hauntingly beautiful soundscapes. Discover the powerful story behind "Run, then" and how she and her friend transformed grief into captivating music.

#4 Sonic Realms

Innovative Approaches to Sound Design

Join us as we explore the innovative sound design techniques of Kate In, a pioneering audio engineer and composer from Chicago. Discover how Kate blends technical mastery with artistic vision to create captivating musical experiences.

#5 Contrasts

Exploring Layers of Sound & Meaning

Explore the captivating contrasts in 'Ajarif,' where fast-paced rhythms blend with profound themes. The melancholic yet energetic composition reimagines 70s kitsch song lyrics, offering commentary on the current state of humanity.

Learn more about Music Maker Global and apply to join the our next Community Expedition with talents from around the globe.

Radio Interviews

Tune in to hear from the driving forces behind One Groove and discover the passion and vision behind our commitment to transcending cultural barriers, cultivating talent, and co-creating groundbreaking music.

SA FM interview w. Rasmus Allin

Hear our Co-founder on SA National radio as he discusses the exciting Ama Groove Songwriting Camp, where he shares the camp's vision of fostering musical talent through collaboration and innovation.

Thandi Allin Dyani on DR Radio

Listen to our Founder, Thandi Allin Dyani, on Danish National Radio as she explores Tyla's rise and the vibrant Ama Piano music scene. Thandi delves into the cultural significance and global impact of Ama Piano, highlighting its innovative sounds and emerging talents.

Harnessing music’s inherent interconnectedness and co-creating pathways to equalize the Music industry and reshape the World.


Made by Velua Frost


Harnessing music’s inherent interconnectedness and co-creating pathways to equalize the Music industry and reshape the World.

Made by Velua Frost